Win a Nintendo Switch

lowest unique bid price win

how to win the bid

with price below its value

1. Register As Member
Create Your Druuum Account

Create an account with us, then click the link in the email we send to you and receive your FREE welcome credits. Login to Druuum website and start your first bid. Enjoy~

2. Place Your Bids
Place the Price that You Want

It's really simple to play, all you need to do is place what you believe is the going to be the lowest unique bid on a product and if you predict correctly when the 'remaining bids' hit zero, you win!

3. Place More Bids
How to Get Credits

Every bidder is given 5 complimentary credits daily. Bidder can either share the sponsor's promotion in Facebook or purchase directly to get more credits.

4. Check Winner
Watch the Game End and Win!

Revisit Druuum regularly to check the status of your bids. You'll want to place additional bids if you are not the lowest unique bidder. Hold the Lowest Unique Bid at the end of the game to win!

the rules of the game

win respect from others

Golden rule
Lowest Unique Bid Wins

The lowest unique positive amount bid closer to one cent are considered the winner of the campaign. "Bid" means the amount which a user is willing to purchase an item, and is placed in Ringgit Malaysia.

Bid in the Dark
Make a Wild Guess

To participate in the campaign, bidder has to register as a member of Druuum.com. Bidder will know the bid amount of other users once campaign end. When placing a bid, bidder will know only if the bid is a unique bid.

The Winner
7 Days Confirmation Period

Winner will be announced after the campaign. In the event that winner cannot be contacted within the "7 Days Confirmation Period", Druuum.com has the right to withdraw and eventually restore it to a new campaign.

Rights to Bid
Bid As Many Times As You Wish

Participants may bid on any number of the ongoing bids until they are closed. A bid campaign closes once the preset maximum numbers of bids (bid quota) have all been placed and/or the timer clocks zero.The bid quota is stated clearly on each campaign.

Shipping Time

Items are normally delivered 1-4 weeks after the campaign. All items are delivered by registered mail, to the address specified in the winner’s Druuum account.

Publish Information
Share Your Happiness

Druuum has the right to contact the winner after the end of a campaign and publish information about the winner. All winners are obligated to submit a picture and name to Druuum for publication on Druuum.com. In order to provide its members and the public with transparency in regards to bid winners.

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